Although all of the members have different backgrounds, they all come together when the call out comes as a tight-knit group of skilled people. Our membership varies from outdoor pursuits instructors and emergency service personnel, through to factory and office workers. The team tries to maintain an operational call out list of around 35 team members on each section, regularly recruiting when we need new members.

Joining 1When this happens, we send potential trainees who have submitted an application form (available from our Membership Secretary) an invitation to attend an induction day, where they will be able to get hands on with equipment, meet the team and demonstrate their existing skills. The day is aimed at making people realise just how much training, travelling and time is involved, and to allow inductees to see if the team is for them, as well as the other way around. There will often be more applicants than places available, so we look for skills, availability and commitment when selecting new team members.

Successful applicants will then be issued a training log book, which takes 6-12 months to complete; the onus being on the trainee to have the motivation and drive to get ‘signed off’ for full operational status. The log book will take them through the skills necessary to be a fully competent member of a mountain rescue team, including first-aid, search techniques, rope rescue, hillcraft and radio communications to mention a few. We provide all of the training and have in place minimum attendance levels to ensure you make good progress.

Operations 2And it doesn’t end there. Once signed off, there is ongoing training to maintain call-out status. Luckily though, the training can be as rewarding and enjoyable as the call-outs, as you’ll be working with a committed group of like-minded individuals.

From here, team members can then develop in other areas, such as search and rescue dog handler or water/rope rescue. It’s important to remember that when the worst happens, people look to us to help them in all weathers, locations and situations, so all of our members need to be the best they can be.

If you would like more information, please contact our Membership Secretary using the form below: