[48] STAND BY – Bodmin, 07/12/2015 23:20

The team were put on stand-by late last night to assist in the search for a missing despondent male in the Bodmin area. Due to the nature of the terrain in the possible search areas, the team were later stood-down pending further enquiries by the Police.

Thankfully the missing male was found safe and well this morning well outside our prospective search areas.

[46] SEARCH – Cheesewring, Bodmin Moor 24/11/2015 00:30

The team was contacted by the police for advice in relation to an ongoing missing person enquiry concerning a 38 year old female. Initial information suggested that the person may be in the Stowe’s Hill and  Cheesewring areas, and due to the poor visibility and overnight conditions it was decided to immediately deploy a small search party to conduct a search of the surrounding moorland with SARDA search dogs, with a larger scale search being planned for first light.

As team members prepared to make their way towards the area, the female was located through police enquiries, and team members (and dogs!) returned to bed.

[45] SEARCH – Penzance, 20/11/2015 01:00

The team were called to assist with searches for an 87 year old local man suffering with dementia who had been reported missing from his home address. Police and coastguard teams commenced searches and as team controllers were preparing to deploy the team to assist, the male was located safe but confused near Long Rock.

[41] STAND BY – Bodmin Moor, 19/10/2015 19:45

Another high risk missing person, this time from Looe, was believed to have travelled to Bodmin Moor in his vehicle with the intention of self harm. Police conducted a thorough search of beauty spots, and anticipating that a search would be required – we were placed on stand by. The vehicle was located at Respryn car park and the male was taken to hospital.

[38] SEARCH – Tresco, Isles of Scilly, 15-21/09/2015

On 15th September several team members, along with three SARDA search dog teams, were flown by RNAS Culdrose out to the Isles of Scilly to help in the search for a missing male on Tresco island. After searching through the day, five team members (and one dog) remained overnight to continue the search through into the next day, before returning to the mainland courtesy of NPAS helicopter.

As the search developed, a dozen further team members, two SARDA dog teams and navigators headed out to the islands by boat on 18th September. This second team then spent almost four days on the island, camping next to the search base, covering a vast amount of ground in very difficult terrain. Foot and dog search teams covered a very large part of the 297 hectare island and were stood down on 21st as the police called off this phase of the search.

We’d like to publicly offer our thanks to all of the volunteers who gave up their time to travel over to the islands for this search, to the Duchy who kindly put us up whilst we were there and to everyone on Tresco who made us feel so welcome.

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[37] SEARCH – Breage, 14/09/2015 18:17

15 team members (and a SARDA search dog) joined Police and Rescue 193 (RNAS Culdrose) in the search for a missing 58-year-old female in the Breage area. After several hours searching fields and woodland she returned home safe and well.

Many thanks as well to the residents of Godolphin Cross who opened up the local school to provide endless tea and biscuits for everyone! 

[35] SEARCH – Nancegollan, 30/08/2015 16:43

With several team members only just home following this morning’s monthly search and rescue exercise, the team were called (for the second time this year) to assist in the search for a high-risk missing female with Asperger’s syndrome in the Nancegollan area.  Just as team members were arriving at the RV, she was located safe and well by a police dog team nearby.