[9] SEARCH – St. Austell, 22/02/2019 23:58 hrs

The police contacted the team to search areas of woodland and open ground in and around the town centre area of St Austell for a missing 40 year old male with depression after concerns were raised for his welfare.

A full team call out was initiated, but stood down again soon after before team members had arrived at the RVP. The male had been located by police outside of the search area.

[8] SEARCH – Illogan, 05/02/2019 01:20 hrs

The team’s west section were called out by the police in the early hours following reports from members of public of an unknown elderly male looking confused and lost in Illogan. Ten team members were tasked to search tracks, paths and areas of the Tolgus Valley and with all possible routes covered from 2am until 4am the team were stood down pending further information.

[7] ASSIST POLICE – Blisland, 01/02/2019 11:38 hrs

With the previous days weather still covering the rural roads with snow and now ice, the police requested the assistance of the team Land Rover ambulance to access an incident in Blisland on Bodmin Moor. Some roads now had 2-3 foot snowdrifts as abandoned vehicles had meant snow ploughs and gritters could not get through.

The task was completed at 14:10 hours.

No further information is available about this incident.

[6] ASSIST AMBULANCE – Boscastle, 31/01/2019 17:27 hrs

A 71 year old female took a fall down a snowy bank after having to abandon her car when trying to get out of the village. The steep snow and ice covered roads made the village inaccessible to anything other than a four wheel drive vehicle. The team Land Rover with two crew including a casualty carer was sent to help her at the request of ambulance control, negotiating some treacherous driving conditions and drifting snow.

Having been assessed by a team medic as having a broken left ankle, combined with existing medical conditions, she was conveyed to Treliske Hospital by the team where she was treated for her injuries.

Due to the road conditions, the entire incident took six and a half hours.

[5] ASSIST AMBULANCE – Delabole, 31/01/2019 16:25 hrs

With snow hitting much of North Cornwall, South Western Ambulance Service Trust requested the team to assist one of their response vehicles in Delabole with a person with breathing difficulties. With the roads being covered in snow and ice, we deployed our Land Rover ambulance from Bodmin to assist with extra oxygen supplies and provide transport to the casualty.

[4] SEVERE WEATHER – A30 Bodmin Moor, 31/01/2019 15:30 hrs

Areas of East Cornwall experienced a sudden snow storm which seriously affected the higher routes over Bodmin Moor. This caused several lorries to jackknife or come to a stop on the steeper hills, causing hundreds of motorists to be stuck in their vehicles for long periods of time. Journeys which normally took 30 minutes were taking over 9 hours to complete, which caused a number of welfare issues within the tailbacks.

The team deployed its fleet of four wheel drive ambulances at the request of the police to check on motorists and provide general assistance. There were four specific taskings during this incident along the A30 which were to look for specific vehicles in the gridlock which had various concerns or medical conditions reported to the police control room. One of these concerns was handed directly on to the ambulance service having been located and assessed by the team.

The team eventually stood down at 0250 hours once both lanes of the A30 were moving again, returning to base by 0330 hours.

[27] SEARCH – Par, 27/09/2018 14:06 hrs

Thirty team members from the two sections converged on Par to search for an elderly missing male believed to be suffering with dementia. Extensive searches including foot teams, the police helicopter and a SARDA search dog scoured the local area until around 1830 hours when it was confirmed that he had been located in a confused state by a family friend well outside of the search area.

He was returned home where police met with him. The team was extremely grateful for the support shown by the residents of Par and the local chip shop!

[12] RESCUE COVER – Bodmin Moor Ten Tors, 20/05/2018 08:30 hrs

The East Section of CSRT provided its annual rescue support to the Bodmin Moor Ten Tors event organised by Bodmin Lions. We provided assistance and evacuation of two walkers with a lower leg injury and the effects of not taking on enough water, in addition to general assistance to participants.

This is a fantastic event which raises thousands of pounds for local charities through individual sponsorship, and the team is pleased to be able to be a part of it and help in the way it does.

[10] SEARCH – Wadebridge, 02/05/2018 13:25 hrs

Devon and Cornwall Police called the team to assist with a high risk missing person near Egloshayle. The 90 year old missing lady had not been seen since the previous evening and was believed to be suffering with dementia. Police dogs, an NPAS Police Helicopter, HM Coastguard and an inshore RNLI lifeboat had all been called to assist with the search.

As team members were preparing to deploy from the RV Point, an air ambulance landed nearby. It was quickly established that the lady had been found by a member of the public in the garden of a nearby property and they had contacted the ambulance service. She was taken to hospital cold but otherwise okay.

[8] MINE INCIDENT – St Ives, 28/04/2018 19:39 hrs

A slightly unusual call out. The police had contacted the team for advice after a mineshaft had opened up in a residential car park. There was a concern that the shaft may cause a safety issue for nearby residents or members of the public.

A small contingent from our mine rescue team attended utilising basic edge restraint techniques to safely inspect the mineshaft which revealed that despite the small 3 foot opening, the tarmac was actually suspended above a 10 foot by 8 foot shaft, dropping around 40 feet. It was unknown if it was choked at the bottom, but with the vertical shaft running through bedrock, one of the mine rescue team who also works as a mining engineer was able to provide advice to the police and CORMAC.

[7] SEARCH – St Ives, 02/04/2018 17:25 hrs

An urgent call out for a 7 year old female who was missing in St Ives after becoming separated from her family. Working with HM Coastguard and Devon and Cornwall Police, the female was thankfully located by police whilst the team were still en route. Somehow the child had managed to make it back to her holiday cottage by herself.

[5] SEARCH – Lamorna, 10/03/2018 23:16 hrs

CSRT received a request from D+C Police to assist a 54 year old male who was cold and lost near Lamorna. The original call had come from the ambulance service who were unable to locate him, and with concerns mounting in the cold weather, the team was asked to search surrounding farmland. Whilst arranging the call out, the male was located and conveyed to hospital.