[39] RESCUE – Golitha Falls, Bodmin Moor, 12/10/2019 11:14 hrs

East Cornwall team responded to assist the ambulance service with a rescue of a 55 year old female who had suffered a medical episode whilst walking on the upper paths in the woodland. Team members worked with the on scene paramedic crew to stabilise the casualty and then stretcher carry the lady back to the waiting ambulance in the car park.

We wish her a speedy recovery.

[38] RESCUE – Gold Diggings Quarry, Bodmin Moor, 09/10/2019 11:24 hrs

East Cornwall team were tasked by the police to assist with an unresponsive male found in a tent at Gold Diggings Quarry near Minions on Bodmin Moor. On arrival, team members conveyed an ambulance crew out to the the location where the male was declared deceased. Team members then transported the body by stretcher and team Land Rover to the Hurler’s Car Park to RV with the ambulance vehicle.

Our thoughts are with the friends and family of the man.

[36] SEARCH – Grampound, 04-07/09/2019 23:32 hrs

Team controllers initially received an alert from Devon & Cornwall Police just before midnight on Wednesday, requesting assistance in a developing search. Members from East Cornwall and West Cornwall teams along with Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England responded to search extensive areas of woodland and open fields before standing down at 5am.

A team controller then returned to the area at 09:30 hrs (05/09/2019) following a second call out at 08:45 hours to discuss further search strategies with the Police search manager, initially deploying a water team to cover areas of the River Fal. As further information came to light, the full team were called out again. In the evening, the search was supplemented by two Mountain Rescue search dogs to cover the dense woodland until nightfall.

Again on the 06/09/2019 was called out again at 16:44 hours by the police to continue searches.

Sadly, on 07/09/2019 team members returned to the Grampound area to continue the search for a missing male, covering further areas of thick woodland.

Late afternoon a foot team located a body and our thoughts and condolences go out to the friends and family of the deceased.


[34] SEARCH – Porthleven, 30/08/2019 15:08 hrs

Just after 3pm team search managers were contacted by Devon & Cornwall Police to discuss an ongoing search for a 12-year-old child missing from the Helston area. Team members were put on stand-by to allow a rapid deployment if needed. As search plans were being considered (and kettles were being boiled across the Duchy), a report came through that the young girl had been seen on the coast path and she was located soon after by officers in Praa Sands and returned home. This was a great outcome to what was developing into a pretty major search effort.

[33] SEARCH – Truro, 21/08/2019 21:06 hrs

The West team were tasked by Devon & Cornwall Police to search for a missing female, last seen earlier that afternoon in Truro. The team initially gathered at Truro College, from where three foot teams carried out searches of woodland areas, whilst HM Coastguard Rescue 924 and Police Dog Units searched additional areas.

After two hours of searching, new intelligence suggested that the missing person was now located in the Tresillian area, so the whole team relocated. As further members arrived, four foot teams proceeded to search areas of dense woodland between the village and and the river.

As the first search areas were being completed the missing female was located by one of the teams, extremely cold and unresponsive. She was immediately treated by a team cas-carer while further teams brought rewarming and medical kit. After some creative gate-opening and skilful reversing, the team 4×4 vehicle was also then able to drive to within 10 minutes of her location.

Once she had been stabilised, she was ‘packaged’ into a fleece warming bag and onto a Bell stretcher to be carried out. After a difficult evacuation to the waiting 4×4, she was then transferred to the roadhead and into the care of South West Ambulance Service NHS Trust, and we all wish her a speedy recovery.

[31] SEARCH – Wadebridge, 15/08/2019 14:18 hrs

The East team responded to a request from Devon & Cornwall Police to assist in the search for a missing person in the Wadebridge area. The team were quickly on the scene and with our search manager liaising with the police we deployed a number of assets onto the ground. Foot teams were supported by a 4×4 mobile unit and the team cycle unit. Also on the ground were a team dog unit and given the proximity of the search to a river, a water team were also being made ready.

Whilst searches were underway the missing person made contact with their family and was able to guide the search teams to their location where team cas carers conducted a medical assessment before returning the person safely back to the team control vehicle.

[29] SEARCH – Gulval, 16/07/2019 21:37 hrs

Team members joined colleagues from Devon & Cornwall Police and Penzance Coastguard Rescue Team in the search for an 87-year-old male missing from home in Gulval, Penzance. Whilst a team of six Mod2 Water First Responders were planning a search of nearby wetlands and a stream complex, a foot team located the gentleman safe and well on a side road towards Penzance. He was well enough to be escorted home, where one of the team’s paramedics checked him over. Team members then stood down at 00:20 to return home.

[28] SEARCH – Colliford Lake, Bodmin Moor, 12/07/2019 04:17 hrs

Early Friday morning (04:17) the team were called out as part of a multi-agency search for two missing people at Colliford Reservoir. Three persons had entered the water earlier that night but only one had been found. This was a major search involving Devon & Cornwall Police, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, Maritime and Coastguard Agency Rescue 924, NPAS Bournemouth and SWAST HART (Hazardous Area Response Team).

One of the missing males was found safe some way from the reservoir. CSRT found items which would suggest that the second person may have also safely got out of the water, and with that information and all searches complete, the search was stood down.

[27] SEARCH – Tehidy Woods, 08/07/2019 18:39 hrs

Another call out in the Camborne area, this time for a missing female. The police had identified search areas which included various areas of woodland and open ground. As team members started searching in the Tehidy Woods area again, the missing person was found by her friends near Carn Brea. The police met with the missing person and the team was stood down.

[25] SEARCH – Praze an Beeble, 29/06/2019 19:45 hrs

The west section were called to search for a missing person on the outskirts of Praze an Beeble, near Camborne. As team members at the RV point the police received an unconfirmed sighting of the missing female and resources were sent to follow it up.

Thankfully, police were able to confirm that the person was indeed the missing lady and was now with police officers, and team members were stood down.