Search and Rescue teams deal with a wide range of call outs, each requiring specialist skills and equipment.

Missing and lost person searches

Each team attends around 30 searches each year. Many of these will be for missing vulnerable people and will involve working alongside other emergency services. This forms the vast majority of the workload. Our search managers coordinate operations with the police, and some searches can last for days and involve numerous resources and dozens of searchers.

Casualty Rescue

History 1Equipped as mountain rescue teams, the ambulance service regularly calls on the teams to assist with evacuations from remote moorland locations. These skills are also used during community events such as Bodmin Moor Ten Tors and moorland running events.

Mine Rescue

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Cornwall’s industrial past is visible wherever you go, with iconic mine buildings and tourist attractions throughout the county. Below the surface however are miles of passages and shafts which attract explorers and enthusiasts. CSRT is a member team of the British Cave Rescue Council, responding to a handful of incidents each year requiring very specialist skills and equipment such as air monitoring and rope access.

Swiftwater Rescue


With flooding becoming increasingly common, each team has utilised its waterside searching skills in to an experienced swiftwater rescue team which has responded to flooding in urban areas across Cornwall.