[36] SEARCH – Grampound, 04-07/09/2019 23:32 hrs

Team controllers initially received an alert from Devon & Cornwall Police just before midnight on Wednesday, requesting assistance in a developing search. Members from East Cornwall and West Cornwall teams along with Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England responded to search extensive areas of woodland and open fields before standing down at 5am.

A team controller then returned to the area at 09:30 hrs (05/09/2019) following a second call out at 08:45 hours to discuss further search strategies with the Police search manager, initially deploying a water team to cover areas of the River Fal. As further information came to light, the full team were called out again. In the evening, the search was supplemented by two Mountain Rescue search dogs to cover the dense woodland until nightfall.

Again on the 06/09/2019 was called out again at 16:44 hours by the police to continue searches.

Sadly, on 07/09/2019 team members returned to the Grampound area to continue the search for a missing male, covering further areas of thick woodland.

Late afternoon a foot team located a body and our thoughts and condolences go out to the friends and family of the deceased.