[11] RESCUE – Hawk’s Tor, North Hill, Bodmin Moor, 23/02/2019 13:56 hours

Just as we were putting the vehicles and equipment away from the animal rescue at The Cheesewring, the team was called out again to assist South Western Ambulance Service with the rescue of a 14 year old female who was participating in a Ten Tors training session. She had fallen on steep and difficult ground resulting in a very painful dislocated right knee.

Members of the East Section of CSRT went to her assistance, utilising the team Land Rover to get as close to the casualty site and then continuing the rest of the way on foot. After being stabilised by the team, she was provided with pain relief and stretchered to Rescue 924 search and rescue helicopter from Newquay which had landed at the bottom of the hill for onward transport to Derriford Hospital.

We wish her a speedy recovery.