[25] SEARCH – Ashton, 17/09/2018 05:50 hrs

During the early hours of the morning we were alerted to an ongoing investigation into a young male missing ‘near Penzance’. Having come from out of county, it wasn’t initially clear where he was missing from, but further Police investigations took us to an address near Ashton. Mid-week call-outs are never the best attended, but we did manage to deploy two foot teams to search large areas of fields and open ground in pretty dismal foggy, mizzly weather. With the cloud base too low to deploy any air assets, we also drafted in a SARDA trailing dog to give an indication of direction of travel away from the address.

Thankfully the young male got back in contact with a friend and we were able to locate him heading back to the address, disorientated and extremely cold. A team medic checked him over and started the rewarming process, as his temperature had dropped to 32 degrees, with moderate hypothermia set in. A short while later he had warmed significantly (and started shivering) and we were able to hand-over to an arriving ambulance crew.