[24] MINE RESCUE – St Just, 24/09/2017 13:04 hrs

Just after midday the team were contacted by Devon and Cornwall Police to assist in the rescue of a 50-year-old walker who had fallen through and 15m down into a mine near Cot Valley, St Just. The walker had sustained significant injuries, landing on a narrow ledge inside a constriction in the mine.

The first team members who arrived provided technical advice and support whilst Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service set up an initial rigging system to allow a paramedic to give pain relief and insulation from the cold, and once the casualty was stabilised, further CSRT mine rescue team members set up a high-directional system and created closer anchor points inside the mine itself. Once set up, team members and a firefighter then packaged the casualty in a SKED (confined space stretcher) and with a team member acting as a stretcher attendant the operation began to haul them out of the mine. Upon reaching a constriction in the mine, the stretcher attendant had to transfer to a separate rope system, transferring back onto the stretcher system once this had been cleared. Further team members ran the hoisting system from the top of the mine, also running a deviation to prevent any rope rub in the difficult evacuation.

Once the casualty and attendant were safely up onto the drive of the mine, the fire service were able to transfer the injured male to a scoop stretcher to be moved up to the surface. From there HM Coastguard continued the evacuation and Coastguard Rescue 924 winched him to hospital. The multi-agency rescue operation took over five hours and was attended by six Mines Rescue members and six Surface members.