[14] SEARCH – Brown Willy, Bodmin Moor 10/06/2017 14:00 hrs

This weekend was a busy one for teams across the region; more so as we were also hosting SARDA dog teams from across the country on the annual Bodmin Moor training weekend. The weather had deteriorated quite badly on Saturday, with strong winds and low cloud across the moor making conditions very inhospitable.

Mid-afternoon we were tasked to go to the assistance of two competitors in a challenge event who’d been out on the moor since 5am, becoming disorientated on Brown Willy and succumbing to the weather. But as team members already of the moor dog-training were discussing options, the walkers had been located by their support team and evacuated by 4×4, so once again the team were stood down en route.

Just one day apart at the weekend, the two photos below show the same view from the ridge-line at Kilmar Tor, highlighting the fickle nature of the Cornish weather!